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  • Not really new, but thanks anyway Network World.

    It always amazes me how slow mass media is, even mass media targeted at tech’s.  Network World today posted this article on spammers using auto-responders to get their crap out. I don’t know about anyone else, but I sure as heck have seen that before.

  • Anti-Spam, or, Anti-Delivery…

    Yahoo! is getting to be very aggressive against spam.  Problem is we can’t deliver ANYTHING for about the past 6 days because we can’t get a dialog with them as to 1) why they’re unblocking and 2) they won’t unblock.  I think ultimately here we’ll be forced to discontinue most or all forwarding services if […]

  • Greylisting

    OK so I’ve long been quite opposed to the use of greylisting.  Recently I had a pretty major personal mail server crash and that’s caused me to at least give it a try and seriously rethink that.  So when I rebuilt the mail server for wgops.com (yes I know, it’s probably STILL blank) I went ahead […]