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  • RPM How I Loathe Thee

    Let me count the ways, here’s #2 (see the previous post on yum for #1)…. [[email protected] security]# md5sum access.conf* 1ab9971e4ec0682b89aaff29fea6de9e access.conf 1ab9971e4ec0682b89aaff29fea6de9e access.conf.rpmnew [[email protected] security]# Why the hell is it creating a .rpmnew file for an IDENTICAL *CONFIG* file?  Hell even the (modification) timestamps are identical!

  • Dear yum, you suck.

    While doing a template fetch onto our Virtuozzo machine.  A template fetch really just downloads every configured application (this is different from say EVERY application to create a mirror, it just downloads applications configured, and their dependencies).  So it’s running yum in download-only mode. [[email protected] private]# vztop vztop – 18:02:45 up 4 days, 17:30, 2 […]