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  • Some short musings on copyright

    Oracle is, of course, appealing it’s loss on the recent Java copyright cases. Oracle, MS, NetApp, and EMC are all running scared that they won’t be able to copyright their APIs anymore. And they should be. An API is the visible portion of the application to a developer. API is like the letters and words […]

  • Google All For Digital Due Process

    In a recent google blog article Google mentions how ECPA has grown stale, and needs to be updated, and it’s desire (pledge?) to your (our) digital due process.  Figured everyone might find this interesting.

  • Google Voice to Text

    So, I’ll have you know first off I’m NOT on acid, nor am I on a major cocaine high or anything of the sort.I left a voicemail at google voice to a friend this AM, that he had it translate to text.  About the only thing it got right was our names.  We figured out […]