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  • Immutable Flash Processes….

    OK If you’re a hardware designer, or embedded systems engineer/designer, make sure when you design your flash process to be customer recoverable.  Bad flash’s happen.  Also, blade manufacturers, other activity on the management module, shouldn’t interrupt a flash process.  Looks like I’ll be returning an  Intel SBXD132 due to a fragged SMP (System Management Processor — Embedded management module) that […]

  • Blades, but not the sharp kind, seriously.

    Just plugged in a couple new (yes I know discontinued) Intel SBXD132‘s.  Naturally, BIOS and Embedded Management (SMP) is code is out of date, 1.06 is current, 1.04 is installed, and I’m not entirely sure about the SMP version numbers.  Flash the BIOS uneventfully, then, go to flash the SMP.  SMP nearly completes, taking it’s […]