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  • Goodbye Areca, Hello LSI

    While it’s not clear exactly who-is-causing what, what is clear is the areca driver tries to de-reference a NULL pointer, this is either because the adapter screws up, or the driver screws up somewhere. The result is a Solaris kernel fault, pointing at the arcmsr driver, and apparently an adapter lockup.  It’s not 100% clear […]

  • Where’s the RAID? I’ve still got a bug!

    Some days it’d be nice to be a cockroach, life would be simpler that’s for sure.  So in a previous post I mentioned the trials of getting an ARC-1280ML working with 16+ drives in JBOD.  We’ve decided to go with a pair of the same controller, less ports the ARC-1231ML.  Hopefully they’ll fix the limitation […]

  • RAID, no, not the insecticide, though there is a bug here.

    Areca ARC-1280 (and ARC-1280ML’s, same product, different connector) have 24 SATA ports.  But only support 16 drives in JBOD mode….or in any mode really, 16 drives exposed to the host is maximum.  The controller deadlocks during POST/INIT if you have 17+ drives when it’s set to JBOD mode.  So you can have 12 LUNs 2 […]