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  • RAID, no, not the insecticide, though there is a bug here.

    Areca ARC-1280 (and ARC-1280ML’s, same product, different connector) have 24 SATA ports.  But only support 16 drives in JBOD mode….or in any mode really, 16 drives exposed to the host is maximum.  The controller deadlocks during POST/INIT if you have 17+ drives when it’s set to JBOD mode.  So you can have 12 LUNs 2 […]

  • AAAA, and I’m not talking bonds or insurance.

    The root name servers now officially have AAAA glue records installed.  This is actually a pretty major step towards global IPv6 deployment.  There was a few snafu/foul-ups, mostly regarding VeriSign not setting the connection limit high enough on so causing a mirror failure. What does this mean to you, as someone who’s on the […]

  • Hardware is, well, HARD…

    I haven’t posted about it before but we’ve an ongoing saga in attempting to get together a 1U server for a customer.  Normally…this isn’t an issue.  Our regular vendor (QSol) though has made some business decisions which means, atleast for the time being, for our lowest level/cheapest 1U machines/dedicated servers they’re a little outside of […]

  • Trend vs. Barracuda

    Trend Sues Barracuda Over Gateway Anti-Spam Techniques Wow.  Just WOW.  In a nutshell Trend is suing Barracuda.  Why?  Because they can.  Because the USPTO gave them a BS patent, like they’ve given so many others.  Wow.  Just.  Wow. If Trend manages to win this it could open up all other AV software, gateway scanning software, and […]

  • E-Mail Is Not Your Error Log

    Or, how NOT to “log” errors.  Especially on web based stuff.  ESPECIALLY. Output from one of our mail processing frontends.  The script runs mailq and collates the output, sorted by recipient domain.  Redacted of course to protect the people with the bad idea. mfe3:~# /opt/bin/top-mailq-to-domains 2947 *REDACTED*.com 158 *REDACTED* 117 *REDACTED*.org 116   This […]

  • NFS, How I Loathe Thee!

    NFS.  The very bane of my existence.  Well maybe not quite, but it sure makes my life hell.  You can’t narrow down problem/runaway areas because there’s no granularity to what tiny statistics gathering it can/does do.  There’s no authentication, and little to no access control. Please, don’t start on NFSv4.  Linux can’t even support NFSv3 […]

  • Greylisting

    OK so I’ve long been quite opposed to the use of greylisting.  Recently I had a pretty major personal mail server crash and that’s caused me to at least give it a try and seriously rethink that.  So when I rebuilt the mail server for (yes I know, it’s probably STILL blank) I went ahead […]

  • The Story…

    OK so I’ve often thought about keeping a blog purely for technical crap.  So hang on, and lets see how far down the rabbit hole this one goes Alice.  Bob is welcome for the ride too.