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  • Safari needs reinstalled….?

    Seriously? WTF? Just had this happen when trying to click on See Larger Image of a book cover in Amazon. I have to create a new category for this .WTFMate? Click on the image to get a better look.

  • (non) Instant Messaging

    Yahoo! Instant Messaging recently (from my perspective) had a nearly 2 hour outage.  This has brought back a problem we’ve had here a number of times in that we  – de facto – standardized on YIM for internal messaging.  I’m now trying to encourage everyone (again) to use IRC on our (sort of private) IRC […]

  • (de)Paginate!

    For all the retards out there who design news site software, get rid of the damned pagination in your articles.  It severely pisses me off and makes it much harder to read your articles.  It also makes NO sense on the web!  Web browsers have scroll bars for a REASON.  Lists of articles YES go […]

  • suPHP you!

    An interesting default change, coupled with a goof on our part caused suPHP to stop working on one of our customer’s servers.  They removed the hardcoded handler – x-httpd-php, in favor of a suPHP_AddHandler directive.  Compound failure on our part though, we removed the suphp.conf file.  So if you’re upgrading from Debian 3.X to 4.0 […]

  • One network in the next generation? Or something…

    We’ve been seeing some reachability issues either inside Tiscali International or Global Crossing.  And the finger pointing has started between them.  AOL/ATDN is also affected.  All of these issues are appearing to European customers.  Global Crossing gets a big BOO for not having any way for me to contact them (an email to their NOC […]

  • Temporarily out of commission

    I was sick for most of last week so wasn’t really able to post anything.  Rest assured though Murphy was not out sick, and thus, neither was I completely.

  • Not really new, but thanks anyway Network World.

    It always amazes me how slow mass media is, even mass media targeted at tech’s.  Network World today posted this article on spammers using auto-responders to get their crap out. I don’t know about anyone else, but I sure as heck have seen that before.

  • Anti-Spam, or, Anti-Delivery…

    Yahoo! is getting to be very aggressive against spam.  Problem is we can’t deliver ANYTHING for about the past 6 days because we can’t get a dialog with them as to 1) why they’re unblocking and 2) they won’t unblock.  I think ultimately here we’ll be forced to discontinue most or all forwarding services if […]

  • Rsync, or, R Sunk.

    rsync -arvx –progress –delete [email protected]:/ /mnt/target edit hosts, interfaces, and half a dozen or a dozen other configs install boot loaders reboot. twiddle… why the hell is clamav bitching about ownership… and postfix too?  wtf is going on. *lights come on* AWW CRAP. GUH.  UID’s *ALL* messed up. Remember, tar, and rsync, both try to […]