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  • Trying out 2023

    So I’m trying out the 2023 theme from WP, which is much closer to what I want but…still…not at all there. It still wastes a third of the main site page. There’s no left or right gutter content to frame it with nav. I *think* I’ve figured out how to manage the top nav. When […]

  • Not so smooth

    So honestly not at all happy with the way pages/templates are built in newer wordpress. Really really unhappy with the hack job I’ve done, even though it works. I’ve looked around on the templates library for something that’ll work but they’re all garbage IMO. Why is the current trend to waste an entire screenful or […]

  • New look afoot, maybe, plus reCaptcha’d

    I’m working on pulling out the old theme and replacing it because it’s ancient, not updated, and doesn’t use any modern bits of WordPress. Unfortunately AFAIK there’s no way for me to prepare a complete gutting/fixing of say 2022 or the default theme and then just switch, so if you wander by over the next […]

  • Net Neutrality – What is it about?

    There’s been more talk lately about net neutrality. In large part due to the neutrality day thing… Many people are (rightfully) confused. There’s good arguments on both sides. I’m very much for net neutrality and having sensible regulation to make all players play fair. I’ll go into why, what the past looked like, what’s going […]

  • Our TTLs are lowered, databases backed up…

    Files-a-copying, zones-a-serialized! YARRR we’re on the move! </pirate> Ahem…*cough* 🙂 Now that that’s out of my system. I made a decision at the beginning of this month to move all of my hosting to an Amazon EC2 instance. While nowhere near ideal for web hosting and not really much cheaper than my current hosting arrangements, […]

  • Pretty Correct Colors!

    First off lets go back about a week in time… I am NOT a GUI guy, photo guy, etc.  I traditionally have been a systems administrator, lately I’ve gone more whole hog into web application development.  But I still don’t do UI.  So color has never really felt that important to me.  I know my […]

  • Migration Woes

    Did a not exactly smooth migration to my new webserver today. Found out that Debian 5/Lenny seems to have completely broken suPHP.  It can’t correctly figure out the DocumentRoot anymore for some reason. It complains to error log ‘SoftException in Application.cpp:202: Script “x” resolving to “x” not within configured docroot’  – except it is so […]

  • Seriously Google? MD Hang Equals Barn Sex?

    Seriously. WTF? (click the full article to see the screen capture)

  • TLS-SNI, bless you, need a tissue?

    OK so if you try to pronounce it incorrectly people might think you have a cold.  The good news is though that Server Name Identification AKA TLS-SNI will likely be making it into Debian Lenny.  It’s already in Apache 2.2.x upstream but there’s no release with it quite yet.   Now we can do SSL […]