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  • Educated like it’s 1984

    The folks over at Screaming Circuits keep a blog, or at least one of them does.  I tend to read it occasionally.  Recently Duane Benson made the point that colleges tend to educate EEs like it’s 1984.  I think it’s important that students get exposed to thru-hole because they’relikely to be able to unerstand that […]

  • New theme

    Trying out a new theme. Leopress was getting old and so I a kinda “theme shopping” now.

  • Dynatron-o-mite?

    So, as some of you might know, I built a new server.  Haven’t been able to put it into production mostly because of lack of time.  Then when I had time I was noticing strange drive issues.  My SATA drives were going online and offline somewhat randomly.  This went on for about two months while […]

  • And Linux in General, F-U.

    During shutdown Inode 0000010029fa7bc8: orphan list check failed! Well crap.  Guess we’ll be fscking on bootup….this is going to take a while…. /dev/VolGroup00/vz: Inode 80987262, i_blocks is 163148, should be 162952. FIXED. /dev/VolGroup00/vz: Inode 99082779, i_blocks is 11422, should be 11420. FIXED. /dev/VolGroup00/vz: Inode 115564804, i_blocks is 740918, should be 740916. FIXED. /dev/VolGroup00/vz: Inode 136136891 […]