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  • This hack thinks 300GB is a lot…

    I actually found a hack that thinks 300GB is a lot.  First that’s not entirely the point (Comcast, etc, have all been selling unlimited internet for starters) – second, it’s NOT nearly as much as you think.   Third they still want YOU to pay and Netflix to pay for any Netflix traffic you use. […]

  • Bitcoin Block Collision “hole”?

    First off, this is far less than theoretical.  It’s more likely that I’m having some sort of misunderstanding or lack of understanding that when looked at closer, the increasing run of 0’s isn’t actually a problem at all.  But it seems to me that at some point the increasing likelihood of a collision must become […]

  • Net Neutrality

    So I’ve been quiet for a long while on this blog, sorry for that, just haven’t had any real content to post! Recently net neutrality has been in the news (again) – I’ve linked a really good video that summarizes whats going on. Here on the Tek Syndicate – if the whole thing is too long […]

  • Been busy!

    No I haven’t forgotten about my blog, there just hasn’t been anything all that interesting to talk about. I’ve got the usual slew of work projects and a couple of personal projects I’m working on. Last few weeks I’ve been dawdling in Minecraft in my spare time. Just haven’t had time to make a decent […]

  • US Constitution Article 1 Section 8

    I’ll quote from the official transcripts of the constitution found at … you can skip over them if you like…  I have included the whole thing below the fold…   “To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;” OK so it says the […]

  • And Now On Kindle!

    Nothing of note really here, I just took the time to put my blog up via Kindle. And no, I didn’t set the price. Blogs are fixed per month. Right now I’m not 100% sure *exactly* how it’s rendering the site, other than it enters via my RSS feed gateways. What I’m going to do […]

  • No Idea that Reuters was so…inappropriate?

    By the time you read this Reuters may have removed the headline but they had a very interesting, somewhat, ok REALLY cheeky headline reading Tired Gay succumbs to Dix in 200 meters I mean…wow…where the hell was the editor on this one eh?

  • HTC Incredible WiFi dmesg

    In the previous post I didn’t have my wifi turned on so it didn’t init at all (the BT driver came up even though BT was technically off) so here’s dmesg while cycling the WiFi — interesting that it’s an MMC (SDIO) device! [ 2517.261108] wifi_set_power = 1 [ 2517.261108] incrediblec_wifi_power: 1 [ 2517.567626] wifi_set_carddetect […]

  • I haz a DROID + HTC Incredible Specifications

    OK, they’ve made things completely muddy. But here’s the rub. The HTC Incredible has 512MB RAM, a 512MB or so “boot ROM” for the kernel and base OS, then you’ve got about 768MB set aside for installing user apps. There’s a further nearly 7GB left for user *data*. This is *IN* the phone. You can […]