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  • When +12VDC….Isn’t or Why to avoid cheap wall warts

    First excuse the err…crude “Screen Shots” – I don’t have my ‘scope setup yet for proper screen captures so I just took pictures. For a while now I’ve had a +12VDC wall wart that I use occasionally.  It always caused weird heating though in regulators.  I was never sure why, the multi-meter read it as […]

  • What would you make?

    For the few people who actually read this you may or may not know I’m an amateur/hobbyist electronics nerd.  I’ve recently gotten back into building custom circuits.  I’ve got a couple prototypes on the way and am in a sort of holding pattern until they arrive.  One of which I realized I fudged up, but […]

  • So who has egg now?

    I originally wrote this back in about August, and WordPress apparently lost it during an upgrade or something.  Most likely the fault of a beta version of  WordPress. I have a bit of egg on my face.  I trusted the LSI people a bit too much.  There was a critical race problem in their driver […]

  • It want’s my monies! But not all of them…

    American Science & Surplus is a great little place a friend of mine just introduced me to.  It is what it says, like Army/Navy Surplus, but for geeks!  They have some interesting stuff, but beware, it IS SURPLUS!  Good stuff nonetheless

  • Old School

    So being the type of “computer history” nerd I am I got one of my odd and unusual itches. This time I wanted to poke around with MVS (and it’s correspondng JCL) and TSO.  TSO is Time Sharing Option…A multi-user environment, something we tend to take completely for granted.  I did this with the help […]

  • Serverpr0n

        My server’s bigger than youuuurs…. :P!

  • New server coming!

    Well, the box running, while plenty serviceable, is showing it’s age.  I’ve ordered a pretty large machine (just short of $3000 in total parts) and the bits are on their way, woohoo!  I’ll be setting it up and burning it in over the next month or two.  Once it’s ready dotblag will be moving […]

  • Goodbye Areca, Hello LSI

    While it’s not clear exactly who-is-causing what, what is clear is the areca driver tries to de-reference a NULL pointer, this is either because the adapter screws up, or the driver screws up somewhere. The result is a Solaris kernel fault, pointing at the arcmsr driver, and apparently an adapter lockup.  It’s not 100% clear […]

  • 50% means half broken…

    Ordered two racks, received two racks.  One is a rhombus though.  The bottom part was caved in.  *sigh*  sending that one back. In other news it’s been busy, things are starting to happen for our office move.  If the damaged rack is still here tomorrow (looks like it will be) I’ll update this entry with […]