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  • Yet more Bresnan Fail

    Trying to get some work done early AM again, atleast this time I got a callback hopefully coming in from L2/2.5 when they get in after 6A and start returning calls after 8A.  But that took insisting on it.  The unknown host was because of packet loss ( had to try 2-3x to get […]

  • Gotta love Bresnan packet loss…TetherBerry FTW!

    Well, I’m currently being saved by TetherBerry because my Cable ISP Bresnan is losing 50+% of it’s packets for the last several hours. Host                                Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev 1.                       0.0%    11    0.8   0.9   0.8   1.1   0.1 2.                       0.0%    11    7.1   7.4   6.4  11.3   1.3 3.                     0.0%    11   11.5  10.1   […]

  • When +12VDC….Isn’t or Why to avoid cheap wall warts

    First excuse the err…crude “Screen Shots” – I don’t have my ‘scope setup yet for proper screen captures so I just took pictures. For a while now I’ve had a +12VDC wall wart that I use occasionally.  It always caused weird heating though in regulators.  I was never sure why, the multi-meter read it as […]

  • Backups are NOT archives

    After reading this article in the Boston Globe Someone needs to inform the paper, the legal system, and maybe even their IT department that Backups ARE NOT ARCHIVES.  An archive in this example would capture and keep a copy of everything seperately, not take a snapshot of the Inbox. It’s entirely possible that they intentionally […]

  • PyGRUB foiled by newer mke2fs

    So a buddy of mine about a week ago decides to put together a machine whose software setup is similar to the machine which runs DotBlag here.  Solaris or OpenSolaris, running Debian inside of a Paravirtualized Machine under Xen (xVM in Solaris). This process sucks a little bit because unlike everyone else Debian still doesn’t […]

  • So who has egg now?

    I originally wrote this back in about August, and WordPress apparently lost it during an upgrade or something.  Most likely the fault of a beta version of  WordPress. I have a bit of egg on my face.  I trusted the LSI people a bit too much.  There was a critical race problem in their driver […]

  • Wall of shame?

    I am torn between showing the whole thing as a wall of shame item or just ranting about an anonymous (open source) user management product. It’s not alone in this sin, I’ve seen the same problem in *expensive* database driven shopping cart and user management apps. What problem is this that I am speaking of? […]

  • Migration Woes

    Did a not exactly smooth migration to my new webserver today. Found out that Debian 5/Lenny seems to have completely broken suPHP.  It can’t correctly figure out the DocumentRoot anymore for some reason. It complains to error log ‘SoftException in Application.cpp:202: Script “x” resolving to “x” not within configured docroot’  – except it is so […]

  • Windows 7 Airport/Time Capsule Disks

    Yup, it’s SysOp here. I know, it’s been a while but I’ve been busy and there have been a lot of changes. On with the post though! Well I made the leap to Windows 7 after having to buy a new laptop (long story short the desktop is dead). Upon upgrading to Win7 RC1, as […]