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  • Trying out 2023

    So I’m trying out the 2023 theme from WP, which is much closer to what I want but…still…not at all there. It still wastes a third of the main site page. There’s no left or right gutter content to frame it with nav. I *think* I’ve figured out how to manage the top nav. When […]

  • Not so smooth

    So honestly not at all happy with the way pages/templates are built in newer wordpress. Really really unhappy with the hack job I’ve done, even though it works. I’ve looked around on the templates library for something that’ll work but they’re all garbage IMO. Why is the current trend to waste an entire screenful or […]

  • Holy heck tempus fugit!

    Time indeed flies. I definitely have NOT forgotten about Dotblag here…I just haven’t…like had anything to write/share really. However….new hobbies starting up, I’m moving towards getting my private pilots license, and, trying out astronomy. Hopefully next year I’ll be brewing again too. Assuming I feel like it I hope to write about these things here. […]

  • Some short musings on copyright

    Oracle is, of course, appealing it’s loss on the recent Java copyright cases. Oracle, MS, NetApp, and EMC are all running scared that they won’t be able to copyright their APIs anymore. And they should be. An API is the visible portion of the application to a developer. API is like the letters and words […]

  • WordPress Blog Infections

    One of my friends blogs that I host was recently infected by one of the drive by infections called “Blackhole” which is completely useless description to disinfect it.  Even more disappointingly, NO AV scanner was helpful in figuring out which page had hit it.  Google’s malware tools/safebrowsing don’t see it because it very specifically hides […]

  • On idiocy and Bitcoin, no they’re not going after it. Silk Road is the target.

    There’s been a LOT of morons out there spouting total crap about bitcoin.  First, as of right now NO SENATOR OR CONGRESSPERSON HAS MENTIONED TAKING DOWN BITCOIN!!!!!!  Quite frankly, with the distributed nature, it’d be impossible barring finding algorithm weaknesses and exploiting them.  Second THEY ARE TARGETING SILK ROAD.  Thats who they’re after right now. […]

  • So WTF ATI, Really?

    I finally jumped into the modern area of gaming machines, buying a nice beefy system. Everythings great, except ATI still sucks. I have an older ATI card in a machine that was relegated to a server, but is now no longer used, just sitting in my closet as spare/test equipment. And I swore then I […]

  • MySQL FullText Search

    Don’t ever use MySQL FTS if you can help it. And if you do use it, in 5.1.x atleast DO NOT EVER USE IN BOOLEAN MODE. It’s like driving with the parking brakes on, seriously, it slows MySQL down that much. Why? No idea. But, like I said, you shouldn’t be using FTS anyway.

  • Google Voice to Text

    So, I’ll have you know first off I’m NOT on acid, nor am I on a major cocaine high or anything of the sort.I left a voicemail at google voice to a friend this AM, that he had it translate to text.  About the only thing it got right was our names.  We figured out […]