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  • Google All For Digital Due Process

    In a recent google blog article Google mentions how ECPA has grown stale, and needs to be updated, and it’s desire (pledge?) to your (our) digital due process.  Figured everyone might find this interesting.

  • Viacom wants content hosts to police Viacom’s Copyrights

    In a lawsuit against YouTube in which Viacom hopes to set some dangerous precedence against *all* content hosts and content servers, they want Viacom (and other’s) copyrights to be policed by content hosts.  Effectively shifting the burden of content copyright enforcement AWAY from the content owners. It’s something I find scary, working for, and having […]

  • Just plain shocking!

    Adafruit Industries is one of a number of sits I visit regularly, and within the last few days the blog had this gem.  Quite possibly one of the funniest things I’ve seen.  It’s a video made by another set of tinkerers I’d not yet heard of, but will be sure to follow now!

  • And now for something COMPLETELY different!

    A friend linked to this Times Online article about homeopathy in a recent Tweet, so I figured I’d share it here. In case any of you actually thought “homeopathy” was at a ll legitimate. Note carefully the paragraph where they admit knowing it’s bunk but sell it anyway because people believe it helps! Homeopathy has […]

  • XKCD and the TSA

  • About Open Software Ecosystems

    Many people make a big deal about open source and open software.  But FAR more important than that is open standards for hardware and software and *portability* for software.  The game console platform industry has shown this quite clearly.  With the advent of higher performance consoles, and more portable coding games now often release on […]

  • PaperMORE! Not Paperless!

    I just saw this on a different (Coding Horror) blog and had to post it here as well. It’s not super practical for large backups but it is pretty cool.

  • So who has egg now?

    I originally wrote this back in about August, and WordPress apparently lost it during an upgrade or something.  Most likely the fault of a beta version of  WordPress. I have a bit of egg on my face.  I trusted the LSI people a bit too much.  There was a critical race problem in their driver […]

  • It want’s my monies! But not all of them…

    American Science & Surplus is a great little place a friend of mine just introduced me to.  It is what it says, like Army/Navy Surplus, but for geeks!  They have some interesting stuff, but beware, it IS SURPLUS!  Good stuff nonetheless