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  • Iron Gods, Iron Angels, Dragons and Sharks.

    Where were you in 1993? Me, probably at my computer. My grandfather bought me a Laser Turbo XT. 40mbyte RLL hard drive. Seagate. 640kbyte of RAM. Tiny by today’s standards. It’s specs less than a rounding error by today’s standards. But at the time, that was a lot. This was my first Iron God. But […]

  • Your Future Internet – Comcast, Verizon, TimeWarner style

    This is what they all want the internet to look like, in one picture.  Seriously.  Do not believe them when they say things like “data caps will be set to ensure they don’t affect a majority of users” – they might mean it literally, they’ll make sure 49% are affected by the caps so that […]

  • Some short musings on copyright

    Oracle is, of course, appealing it’s loss on the recent Java copyright cases. Oracle, MS, NetApp, and EMC are all running scared that they won’t be able to copyright their APIs anymore. And they should be. An API is the visible portion of the application to a developer. API is like the letters and words […]

  • Long time no updates!

    Yup I know it’s been a while. I’ve been busy with Work Stuff ™. We’ve lost Steve Jobs, Dennis Ritchie, and Robert Galvin all just recently. These men have either directly changed your entire life, or indirectly. Ritchie is the R of K&R C, better known simply as ‘C’ — the computer language that pretty […]

  • America’s Wild Horses

    Most of you probably don’t know, but I’m a horse lover at heart.  I “blame” my mother.  Just discovered a Kickstarter project for “Wild Horses & Renegates, Saving America’s Wild Horses” — I’ve added the Kickstarter widget for this project to the page even though it doesn’t fit the layout or anything because it’s something I […]

  • Hash!

    Shhhhhh…be vewwy vewwy quiet, I’m hunting SHA-256 hashes!

  • Why the US Government can’t, and shouldn’t, try to govern the Internet.

    There’s been an alarming amount of “cybersecurity” legislation here in the US lately in the same fear mongering, and ill advised tune that got us the entire DHS and almost universally loathed TSA.  The problem, as I see it, is members of congress trying to govern something that they firstly do not understand, and secondly, […]

  • Linux (UNIX in general) TTY/console demystified

    I don’t quite know how I know but I know very well how the Linux TTY/Console driver stack works… Probably through so many years of slogging through code, and through tearing apart the Linux TTY drivers and line discipline stacks a few times for special projects and definitely with some help of the LDD3 (a […]

  • So close to exhaustion!

    No, I’m not talking about physical exhaustion….I’m talking about IPv4 address space!  IPv4 (32-bit addressing) has been on the ‘endangered species’ list for a long time now.  And almost everyone agrees we’ve got until about 2011 or maybe 2012 (depending on where you live) before there will be NO more free IPv4 addresses.  IPv6 (128-bit […]