Microsoft Recall-ed

Keywords: #microsoft #google #ai

I’ve been watching the various AI rollouts with a mixture of horror, illness, and anger. Microsoft is trying to roll out an every Nth second desktop snapshotting system, and I can’t figure out ANY good use for it. Google is trying to shovel garbage AI “search results” that exacerbate the already painful to pay for original knowledge content creation ecosystem.

Google’s also trying to shove AI into your phone conversations, allegedly to “detect scams” – problem is both that, and Microsoft’s Recall are utterly RIPE for abuse and WILL be abused. They’ll wind up causing as much, or far more harm than good.

Domestic abusers will now have a built in OS tool to follow the every move of someone on the PC. So does the government … “But it’s only on the device!” Uhm…what do governments, good and bad do with physical things when they want information? Yeah. They take them. And that’s flat out ignoring all the malware that’s out there!

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