Google Voice to Text

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So, I’ll have you know first off I’m NOT on acid, nor am I on a major cocaine high or anything of the sort.I left a voicemail at google voice to a friend this AM, that he had it translate to text. About the only thing it got right was our names. We figured out “lost DVDs” was circuit IDs to give you an example of how bad it was. And I never talked about oranges. I replaced names with ABC and DEF.

Hey ABC, It's Mike looks like, and we're took a huge duty this morning here DEF called me because things are going 
down from his point of view on that. And once I got some acid and then both of and liars routers. We were 
essentially down wanted flap. I don't know 510 times. Or so I don't have any contact information for either server 
crazy. Or and later anywhere that I can find, but I assume I lost it or I don't know, maybe never gave it to me 
either way. I don't have any lost DVDs or anything like that anyway. So when do much good to call him without any 
of that me know when you get this. Just give me a call. I think it's we're screwing the recovered now but clear 
they had some for a major an orange on them and i kinda wanna know what was planned to where they had to sue us 
for whatever the heck happened. Anyway, give me a call back. Bye.

Yup. Clear as mud. Moon, that spells mud.