TLS-SNI, bless you, need a tissue?

Keywords: #apache #apple #debian #firefox #microsoft #opera #safari #ssl #vhost

OK so if you try to pronounce it incorrectly people might think you have a cold. The good news is though that Server Name Identification AKA TLS-SNI will likely be making it into Debian Lenny. It’s already in Apache 2.2.x upstream but there’s no release with it quite yet.

Now we can do SSL Names Based VHosts….sorta. Only IE7 on Vista, Opera 8, and Firefox 2+ support it ( is a test site FYI). C’mon Apple! Get with it. And Microsoft? WTF is up with Vista only support.

Soon. Soon. And this becomes more and more important as we run out of IPv4 addresses. In fact for a LOT of places, it’s the primary use of IPv4 address space, including here!