For all the retards out there who design news site software, get rid of the damned pagination in your articles.  It severely pisses me off and makes it much harder to read your articles.  It also makes NO sense on the web!  Web browsers have scroll bars for a REASON.  Lists of articles YES go ahead and paginate those, but offer the ability to change the #/page!







2 responses to “(de)Paginate!”

  1. bradmkjr Avatar

    There is a reason, a bad reason.

    Ad impressions.

    I read through a very painfully long article online yesterday, approx “25 pages”, but I’m pretty sure the content could have fit onto a single printed page.

    If each “page” shows 5 paid links, or banner ads now instead of seeing 5 links, I see 125 different links and ads. (except I have adblock running, so it does remove most of them very nicely).

    The number of pages views shows an overly inflated visitor stickiness, total number of page views, and number of banner impressions.

    So, like it or not as long as sites have advertising they will continue to use this method to drive up their impressions and page views to generate more income.


  2. SysOp Avatar

    Oh trust me I know, and I don’t consider it a reason at all. It’s an excuse for a bad site design.

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