One network in the next generation? Or something...

Keywords: #aol #atdn #glbx #tiscali

We’ve been seeing some reachability issues either inside Tiscali International or Global Crossing. And the finger pointing has started between them. AOL/ATDN is also affected. All of these issues are appearing to European customers. Global Crossing gets a big BOO for not having any way for me to contact them (an email to their NOC gets a “login to our portal to open a ticket or include the ticket number in your email, this mail has been dev nulled” autoresponse). As mid-day the issues may be fixed, but this just highlights how easily it becomes a HUGE problem, made larger by the fact that certain large providers refuse to talk to you when you’re not paying them transit.

There’s been a number of things to post about but not much time to post about them lately.