Where's the RAID? I've still got a bug!

Keywords: #areca

Some days it’d be nice to be a cockroach, life would be simpler that’s for sure. So in a previous post I mentioned the trials of getting an ARC-1280ML working with 16+ drives in JBOD. We’ve decided to go with a pair of the same controller, less ports the ARC-1231ML. Hopefully they’ll fix the limitation at some point. So we’re waiting on that new hardware. Keep in mind there’s nothing really *wrong* with the ARC-1280ML, it’s just not going to do what we need it to do.

Taking the card out, btw, felt a bit dodgy. It’s a heavy chassis, with 24 3.5″ 10KRPM 73GB SATA drives in it, 5U tall. It’s mounted fairly low in a full rack, but still, it’s heavy. I slid it out on it’s rails while standing to one side just in case. I’ll have to take a picture sometime for you guys to see what I’m talking about, maybe when I update and put the 2 controllers back in. I am 99% sure the racks won’t come over, but still. It feels unnatural.

It’d be great to get a Darwin for that one I suppose. 🙂