Blades, but not the sharp kind, seriously.

Keywords: #blade #intel #sbxd132

Just plugged in a couple new (yes I know discontinued) Intel SBXD132‘s. Naturally, BIOS and Embedded Management (SMP) is code is out of date, 1.06 is current, 1.04 is installed, and I’m not entirely sure about the SMP version numbers. Flash the BIOS uneventfully, then, go to flash the SMP. SMP nearly completes, taking it’s sweet time, then get a mysterious error message in the WebUI along with

20	ERR	SERVPROC	02/14/08	16:34:54	(WMN315709449) Flash of Blade System Management Processor (slot 5) from (Web) failed for user USERID:  invalidated SMP slot number during data write

In the error log. I want to curse out loud, a LOT. The SMP is fragged and won’t come up, “Comm Error”. Better, there’s apparently no “backup software image” in the SMP’s like there is the BIOS, thats where the not so sharp bit comes in. Makes me want to communicate frustration on it with a ball peen hammer. Wonderful. Open support case with Intel and wait. If I don’t get any love from them then I’ll have to try our OEM/Vendor but they’ve stopped selling them (remember my previous note about being discontinued…)